Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello!!!! Short post today...

I have been MIA because of personal stuff, surgery, etc and have been working on various projects. Thanks to all you sweet gals who have emailed to check up on me!

So what's new? I have been on a really big "save money" kick lately.  Coupons, sales, deals you name it! As you all know, every bit counts. :-)

If you are in my area (central Jersey) there is a new Bottom Dollar Food grocery store. They have awesome prices on produce, milk, etc and this week coke is on sale (you know about my addiction to love for diet coke!)!

I stopped in there today, and guess what was sitting next to my diet coke??? FRESCA. I was so excited.

I haven't had FRESCA in forever! When my brothers and I were young, we would get it for special occasions ONLY. Yup.

Off to crack one open! Have a good day!