Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tutorial: Layer Styles

I have a quick basic tutorial for you today.  Have you explored layer styles yet? They are located in the Effects panel, accessible via the second icon, circled in the screen shot below.

You can select 16 layer styles in the drop down box.  I've selected Drop Shadows in the screen shot above.  After selecting the layer in your Layers Palette, double click on the style you want to apply.  A symbol will appear on that layer in the Layers Palette to show that a style has been applied, circled in the screenshot below.

You can edit styles to make them more suitable for your layout. The default shadows in Photoshop Elements rarely work well.  Double click on the fx symbol in the layer whose style you want to edit and you will get the following dialogue box.

As you can see, I have reduced the size and distance of the shadow on this layer to 9, and the opacity to 65%.  Basically, the closer an item is to the surface, the smaller the shadow.  You can also adjust glows, bevels, and strokes in this dialogue box.

Here is my completed layout using Jeanine's Happy New Year Collection.

What would you like to learn about digital scrapbooking in the new year?  Please leave a comment to let me know and I will write about it in an upcoming weekly tutorial.