Friday, January 13, 2012

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

Hi everyone! 

Well, if you wondering why the post has this title, it is because I am working on this Sunday's ScrapMatters blog interview and they asked what my first scrapbooking layout was about. I was perusing (big word for me! LOL) some of my first digital layouts and boy of boy are they BAD! They were made with heart but won't win any awards, I can tell you that much!

The first one is my favorite, because it really shows what I think scrapbooking is - preserving memories, feelings, emotions, etc no matter good, bad or otherwise. It is about my daughter's health issues as a baby.

Simple, graphic, and emotional. I still get tears when I read it.

Here are some funny ones (love my shadows and bevels!!)

"Around the Farm Kit" by Julie Meade, E-Scapeandscrap circa 2004

I think this was a Carrie Stephens kit circa 2004?

Not sure about these credits - if you know let me know!

Holly McCaig kit circa 2004

So I am now digi-daring you to post some of your oldies but goodies! You can leave a link in this post if you wish!

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Have a great weekend!