Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Resizing Layout for Planner

Last weekend I began working on a calendar gift and I decided to make it easier on myself by using scrapbook pages I'd already completed.  I wanted to make a 6x9 planner so I needed to turn my 12x12 scrapbook pages into 6x9 inch pages.

Here is the original layout I created recently with Jeanine's Twilight Snow kit.  I opened the PSD file so I could rearrange individual layers.

First I resized the layout to 9x9 inches, using the larger of the new dimensions for easiest rearranging.  To do this, go to Image>Resize>Image Size.

In the resulting dialogue box, change the height to 9 and PSE will calculate the rest for you.  Then click OK.

If you do not have the rulers turned on, do so by opening the View menu and clicking on Rulers.  The rulers will appear along the top and left side of the workspace.

Then I moved the elements on my layout until they fit into 6 inches of width.  In the screenshot below you can see my rearranged layout before the final cropping.

Then I cropped the layout to 6x9 with the Crop Tool.  You can enter the dimensions in the spaces at the top of the workspace in the crop tool options bar.  You can see both the Crop Tool selected and the options bar in the screenshot below.

Click and drag out your crop box and click the green check mark and you're done!  Here's my final layout, ready to be added to my planner calendar.

Of course, this would work for any size you need. I hope you find it useful.  Happy scrapping!