Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Out of Bounds

Have you seen that fun out of bounds technique, in which a part of a photo is made to appear as if it were sticking out of the frame?  Today I'm going to show you how to do it.  I'm using Jeanine's kit, Autumn Beauty.

1. Place your photo on your layout where you want it.

2. Bring a frame onto your layout and arrange it on top of the photo so that it will frame the part of your photo you want within the frame, leaving the part you want to pop outside.

3. Now we need to extract the subject of the photo so we can pop it out of the frame. The quick selection tool (the 8th tool down in PSE9) can work pretty well, but doesn't always select exactly what you want. Use it by clicking and dragging. Notice the options bar choices at the top.  The brushes with the plus and minus signs will add or subtract from your selection and there is also a Refine Edge button I encourage you to explore.  

You can also use the Magnetic Lasso tool. You have to click around your object many times around its perimeter, and when you get back to the beginning and click on your very first spot, it will "lasso" your selection.  Zooming in and out with Command/Control - (plus) or (minus) helps a lot.  And you can use combinations of the tools to refine your selection. Remember to include in your selection the part of your object that passes over the frame.  

Type Command/Control - J to copy that selection onto a new layer. The screen shot shows how my selection looked after just using the Quick Selection Tool and then hitting Command-J.  Later I would use the Magnetic Lasso or Eraser to remove more parts that I don't want.  Remember, Undo or Control-Z is our friend during these hard tasks!

4. Drag the extracted subject layer above the frame in the layers palette.

5. Now we need to delete everything outside of the frame except the subject.  With the frame layer highlighted, use the Magic Wand tool to select the area inside the frame.  Then, switch to the photo layer, hit Command/Control-Shift-I (the capital letter i) to inverse the selection, and hit delete. 

6. Now it's easy to see parts of the extraction that need to be refined, so I finish it up at this point. I also applied a Hard Light blend mode to the original photo because I liked the increased vibrancy.  Then I added my embellishments, title, and journaling to finish my layout.

Extracting is tedious, but the results are awesome, so try it out.  Happy scrapping!