Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Curved Title

Hello! Last week I showed you how to make this circle collage. Were you wondering how I made the curved text too?  I will tell you today.

layout uses Jeanine's latest paper kit, Mellowish

1. Use the type tool to enter your text approximately where you want it. Pardon the discrepancy between the font I used last week and the one in this tutorial.  The font I used last week seems to be hiding from me in my excessively long list of fonts.

2. Double click on your text to highlight it all. In the Text Options bar at the top, find the warped text icon, the second to last one, and click on it.

3. The Warp Text dialogue box will pop up.  In the top drop-down box, Style, choose Arc.  Before adjusting the Bend, it will help to move the text closer to the circle, so just click OK now.

4. Switch to the Move Tool, grab the text, and drag it into position.  To rotate it, point near any of the sides until you see a double pointed bent arrow, then click and drag.  Align your text as closely as possible with the circle.  

5. Switch back to the Text Tool and click on the curved text to reactivate it. Then click on the Warped Text icon in the Options Bar again. Adjust the bend until you are pleased with it. You can click and drag the text during this time too.  I also found I wanted to resize the text box a bit, switching back to the Move Tool, to get it to fit better on my layout.

6. I wanted my font fatter, so I used the Stroke command in the Edit menu to add to it.  If you are content with the shape of your font, you can skip this step. To stroke text, it must be simplified by right clicking on it's layer in the layer palette and choosing Simplify Layer.  Next make sure the color in your color picker is the same as the text. Then in the Edit menu, click on Stroke (Outline) Selection.  In the Stroke dialogue box, enter a width, you can change the color here if you didn't already, choose a location (center is best for text, and you could choose various blend modes and change opacity if you want.

7.  To color my title, I clipped a paper to it.  Drag the paper onto the layout above the text layer, then hit Control(Command)-G.  Then hit Control(Command)-E to flatten the paper and text layers together.  

8. Finally, to give it dimension, add a shadow and bevel using the Effects palette.   I double clicked on the Low shadow first.  Then I double clicked on the effects icon (looks like the letters f and x) on the right edge of the layer in the layers palette to open the Style Settings dialogue box, where shadow and bevel can both be adjusted.  Here are the settings I used, but you may want to play around and find what looks best on your layout.

You can see the effects of the shadowing and beveling as you work, even before you click on OK.  Now, if only I could have found the same font, it would look just like the one at the top of this post!  

Have fun making warped text!  ~Michele