Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Greeting Cards

Did you realize you can use your digital scrapbooking skills to create greeting cards? Yes! They are just smaller scrapbook pages. Typical sizes are 4x8 and 5x7, and they should be 300ppi for quality printing too.  Of course, you can create your card any size you want.

You will just have to crop papers and resize elements. I decided to make a 7x5 card with Jeanine's kit, Love Birds. I created a document of 7 inches x 5 inches at 300 ppi.

Then I chose my first paper and cropped it to 7x5 with the crop tool.  In the tool option bar, I entered 7 in for the width, 5 in for the height, and 300 for the resolution. Then I dragged that paper onto my blank 7x5 canvas.

I repeated this with another paper to make a mat for photos and word art, except I used smaller dimensions, 6x4. Dragging the smaller paper on top of the first paper, it automatically centered, and I added a shadow.

Next, I wanted to put a piece of word art onto my layout.  It was so big that it didn't fit on my document!

I just clicked on one of the corners I could see to activate the selection.  Then I was able to transform it by clicking again on the corner and dragging it smaller.  To move the word art in place, I clicked within one of the letters, held the button down, then dragged it where I wanted it.

Then I decided the word art needed some dimension.  Shadowing it would help, but I wanted more, so I went to the bevels in the Effects tab.  When you're in the Effects tab, click on the second icon for Layer Styles.  Then click on the drop down menu and select Bevels.

I usually use the Simple Inner bevel.  I double clicked on it to apply it.  The default is too thick so I double clicked on the layer style icon on the word art layer (it looks like "fx" on recent versions of PSE; I circled it in the screen shot below) to bring up the Style Settings dialogue box.

Notice you can change four different aspects of layer style here.  Not only did I lower the bevel size to 5, but I also clicked on the drop shadow box and adjusted those amounts too.  Now I have word art that looks made of three dimensional letters.  (Remember to click OK!)

Then I added my photo and embellishments, resizing and cropping as necessary.

Finally, I saved it as a PSD and a JPG.  Now my card is ready to print, either on my own printer or at one of the many photo printing companies.  Enjoy making some cards of your own!