Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Rearranging Layout Templates

Do you use layout templates? As frameworks for where to place photos, embellishments, and journaling they are such a great way to jumpstart your scrapbook page.  They really speed things up, especially if you're using a layered version in Photoshop or Elements.

And did you know that when you acquire one layout template, it's not just one, but an infinite number of templates?  Yes! You can flip the template horizontally or vertically.  You can rotate it right or left. And you can rearrange the elements innumerable ways!

Here is a freebie template by JDraut offered a few months ago when Jeanine's Poppies kit was new.
Here is what I ended up with when I decided to scrap with Jeanine's  Sunshine In Your Heart kit over the weekend.
Do you see what I changed? While I love the large journaling space, this time I did not have a lot to say, and I really wanted room for the word art in the kit. I didn't decide to make the change until I'd done a lot of my scrappin' already so I had a lot of elements to move.

Using Photoshop Elements, I selected all the layers in my palette except the background paper, then clicked on the layout and dragged to the left.

There is another thing I did that shows the versatility of layout templates. Those four squares lined up on the left could have all been paper, and I think that may be what was intended.  But I had more photos I wanted to include. So I clipped photos to a couple of the squares!

Finally, if you look really hard you may see how my small embellishments vary from the template too.  It's okay to take a template and make it your own.  Still give the designer credit of course! But feel free to add, remove, and rearrange to suit your photos and your theme.

If you are new to layout templates, I urge you to try one. All you need to know is Control-G (or Command-G). That is the keyboard shortcut for "clipping" photos and papers to the placeholders in a layered template (PSD file type).

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Happy scrapping! ~Michele