Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts

Hello all you digital scrapbooking artists! It’s Michele again, with a new Tuesday Tips. Today I have a quick post. I’m going to share some keyboard shortcuts you can use in Photoshop Elements. I find them very useful and it really is easier to type a couple of keys than navigate through menus to find a command. I’m giving the Windows shortcut key, Control. If you have a Mac (so do I!) use the Command key instead. Also note that you can see the shortcuts listed beside the commands in the menus, so you can look there for reminders.
New file ctrl-n
Save file ctrl-s
Save file as . . . shift-ctrl-s
Undo ctrl-z
Re-do ctrl-y
Copy ctrl-c
Paste ctrl-v
Swap background/foreground color x
Adjust hue/saturation ctrl-u
Show/hide ruler shift-ctrl-r
New layer shift-ctrl-n
Copy layer ctrl-j
Group layers ctrl-g
Merge layers ctrl-e
Invert selection shift-ctrl-i
Zoom in ctrl- + (plus)
Zoom out- – (minus)
Fit on screen ctrl-0 (zero)
Increase brush size ]
Decrease brush size [
Increase brush hardness shift-]
Decrease brush hardness shift-[
Try them out. You may be surprised how quickly you memorize them and using them will become automatic.
Happy scrapping!