Friday, February 11, 2011

Designing with Textures Tips and a Freebie!

Friday is finally here, and that means new releases at ScrapMatters

As I hinted yesterday, I have for sale my first ever commercial use grab bag, complete with tips and suggestions on how to use textures and edges (and scroll down for more)! It is marked down 70% (only $4.49, a $14.96 value) only until February 17. After that the items will be sold separately at their regular price.

The grab bag includes 2 Edge 4-Packs (8 total) and 2 Texture 4-Packs (8 total) and 2 suggestion/tip sheets. Great for designers and fun for personal use / scrapbook projects too! I love adding edges to my layouts for a finished look.

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Do your designs need some extra pizazz? Do you feel your designs look "flat" and need some depth? Do you like the grungy / worn look but just can't get it to look right? Or are you like me and just love playing with different textures on your designs? Then the included textures are perfect for you!  

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Do your papers and layouts need that finishing touch? Do you feel like there is something missing to add some realism? Or are you like me and love the look of different inked and grungy edges? Then the included edges are exactly what you are looking for!

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Want an example on how these can work to change the look of your papers and projects? Click on the thumbnails below. 

  • Folder

  • Jeanine_DesignerTips3a

  • Jeanine_DesignerTips2a


In the teal example above, I started with a new 12x12 document and filled it with a color (you can use a paper instead if you would like). I selected one of the textures in my grab bag and layered it on top of the color/paper. Then the fun happens! I played with the blending modes until I picked one I liked (in this case I used "overlay"). That is it! Easy peasy!

But I wanted to go a step further - I like adding edges/borders. I feel like it makes my pages look "finished". So I chose one of the edges included in the grab bag and changed the blending mode to "soft light". Done!

In the purple example, I used the same texture but inversed the colors (ctrl+i in photoshop) to give it a different look, and used "soft light". I also used the same edge also but added a glitter style to it. Same texture, same edge, but totally different look! 

You can download the full resolution papers and the above example here if you would like!


As mentioned above, additional tips and suggestions are included in the grab bag!

How do you like to use your textures, overlays and edges? Comment below! :-)

Have a great weekend!