Thursday, November 4, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking Day is almost here!

First off, don't forget my drawing that ends Sunday! You may need the cash to replenish your paypal account after DSD! :-) Plus stop back here tomorrow for a freebie!

Next, in honor of DSD, I will have a PU/S4H grab bag for sale at a ridiculously low price only until November 10. Then the pieces will be put in the store at their full prices. It will only be available at...

My new online home,! Yay!

And how can I forget? ScrapMatters is having a huge sale!

image from

I told Kevin that I will be glued to my computer this weekend... he called it the weekend of Jeanine! LOL!

Any other big sales? You can post them in the comments...

Have fun!