Thursday, February 11, 2010

How do you schedule your time?


I need to get a ton of work done this week (trying to with my kids off for a snow day!), which leads me to this post... I have a question for the 2 people that read my blog (LOL) - how do you schedule your time when you work from home? Do you work 9-5 with a lunch break, or do you work when you feel like it? Do you schedule your entire day down to a task list, by time, or by event? Would love to hear your scheduling tips - you can post in the comments, email me, post on facebook, twitter, etc. Thanks for any insights!


As I mentioned, the kids are off again today after we were buried with a blizzard yesterday (after this weekend's huge snow fall)... my car windshield had 14" of snow/ice this morning! LOL! That on top of Calista's ongoing stomach bug (vomiting Sunday, stayed home Monday and was fine so sent her to school Tuesday, she came home and threw up from Tuesday night until yesterday afternoon!) has made us stir crazy! I was sick again this weekend and was not doing well yesterday either - I am calling it the yack-a-mole game of 2010. I would *NOT* recommend it! :-) 

Calista was sick off and on in January too, along with Colton and me, so...I invested in this purifier a couple weeks ago for my bedroom - I gotta say I love it. I can totally tell a difference and K is breathing much better when he is here with his allergies. I am thinking I need to buy one for the family room so we stop the constant sick bug pass-around! I wasn't sure if it would be a bunch of hooey but I like how fresh it smells and the lack of allergens (cat, dust, etc.). So far it is a thumbs up!

That's all for now... thanks for stopping by!