Friday, February 5, 2010

Clearing my head...

I have decided I am going to get blogging again - there is something about typing nonsensical ramblings that help me clear my head! LOL!


We celebrated Calista's 6th bday yesterday with dinner at On the Border (all you can eat enchiladas! yummmm!) and she opened her gifts (DS games - Tinkerbell and iCarly, a razor scooter, and the coolest ladybug light)... She was one happy chiquita! 

Oh - to be 6 again!


Today, work-wise, I am prepping for a call, doing some research, coming up with new ideas for my portfolio and trying to organize my office space. I have one eye out the window for the snow to start (12-18 inches with a possibility of 24 inches! Ugh!) and have my shovel and ice-melt (thanks @kman415) at the ready. Looks like this weekend will be spent cuddled up with some cocoa!

What is on your to-do list today?