Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trying to get back into it

Yes, trying to get back into the swing of things and having a rough go of it. As you can see from my last post (go somewhere else to do your thing, yk?), the divorce process isn't going very smoothly/quickly. I just want it to be done so we can all move forward. I would like the house to be sold NOW, the papers signed NOW, move on with everything NOW. I filed for divorce in September and we seem no closer to the end than at that time - everything is having to go through the court instead of being settled because of...

Boy am i biting my tongue here (or would it be clamping my hands?)!

Anyone else been through this and have words of wisdom for me?  Thanks for those of you who have emailed me your thoughts already.


So LOST was on last night. Woo hoo! i missed some of it (thanks to APRIL - LOLOL) but will be watching it again. I am not a TV person at all but would like to start getting into some shows to keep my mind off of the stuff going on - what shows do you watch? I just started watching 24 this season too and it is decent. I also like ghost hunters due to my friendly ghost that lives with me but then i get all freaked out!

Let me know if you have any TV recommendations.

Back to LOST - some of my random thoughts: I think Miles is Wickman/Candle/Pierre's baby; if no one can die off the island if the island won't let them how will Locke die or any of them for that matter; does Walt have to go back to the island too; why doesn't locke remember the compass when alpert comes to see him as a boy; where has the smoke monster gone; and OMG I didn't catch "ellie" (thanks Jen) but that is short for "eloise" which is faraday's rat's name and his mother's name and widmore is on the island so widmore could be faraday's father and Penny his sister!! Whoa!

Will stop now. Brain spinning.

BTW - signed up for / to see what is out there. I think it would be nice to meet new people who are hopefully normal. LOL.

Have a good day all!