Thursday, June 26, 2008

First week of summer break...

And man, it has NOT been easy. The kids are wired and I need to do a schedule for them I think, like 8-9 play in the playroom while mommy exercises, 9-10 crafts, 10-11 Colton's choice, 11-12 Calista's choice... that is probably even too general. Not sure.

Moving on...

I had each child draw and color a card for the school personnel again this year. I then made color copies and gave them out with the gifts. Because both kids are in the disabled classes they have TONS of teachers, aides, therapists, etc. and I had to cut down getting gifts for everyone this year - I narrowed the list of daily hands on people to 19. Blah! So 19 gifts and the rest just got the cards and an ornament frame.

Here is 6yo Colton's (kindergarten):

And here is 4yo Calista's (preschool):002

And then I also gave out small school-themed frames with the kids' pictures. I haven't posted a recent photo of the kids lately, so here goes!

What else... Jen and I are still doing the treadmill every day. We talk (kinda - out of breath though!) on the phone and walk for 30 minutes. And I started nutrisystem 13 days ago (down 9 pounds!!). I wasn't going to make it public, but maybe it will help some of you struggling too? After my cancer surgery 1 1/2 yrs ago and the serious hormone therapy and everything else I packed on some serious poundage. LOL. I guess it messed up my metabolism, and the fact is I wasn't eating enough either. I was averaging 800 calories a day and still not losing (my body, turns out, was in starvation mode although you wouldn't guess it by looking at me!!). So, went to the doctor and stuff and came up with trying out nutrisystem. The funny thing is i am now eating more, but also exercising, in hopes of reving my metabolism up again. It helps to have a friend that is super supportive and almost as rotund as me (thanks Jen)! LOL!

I would like to lose 50 lbs total I think, but that may be too much. We will see. I lost 7 pounds the first week and 2 this week - i only weigh in once per week to avoid getting crazy about it. I actually like the food (and I am the pickiest eater in the entire world) although the salads wear on me. I have learned a lot about nutrition and found some awesome, healthy snacks that i look forward to every day (like high protein pudding - yum!).