Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do you Jott?

Okay, I have to admit it - I love jotting myself. What do you say? You have no idea what I am talking about (as Jen would say, so what else is new!)?

Let me explain...

Jott is a really cool tool that lets you send reminders to yourself using your voice. Or text. Or email. Or, you can use your voice to update twitter, post an appointment to your google calendar, or even do a blog post. The beauty of jott is you are not typing but actually talking.

For example, let's say I am driving in the car running late for a meeting. I call jott on my cell and it says "Who do you want to jott?". I say the person's name, start apologizing into the phone, and when I am done I stay silent for a few seconds until jott says "got it". It then will text and/or email the person I just "jotted". MUCH BETTER than texting while driving!

Other ways I have used jott:
1) When I am in the car and randomly remember something (or come up with a whole list) I need to buy at the store, I call and jott myself the thing(s) I need to remember, and jott texts/emails me. I can then even print it out if needed.
2) When I am at the dentist scheduling my follow up appointment, on my way out i call jott and tell it to post the appt to my google calendar. Done.
3) When I am stuck in traffic and bored and decide I really NEED to twitter about the bumper sticker ahead of me, I just jott to twitter.
4) When it is the end of the day and I realize I forgot to send that email to a client, I just jott it instead of booting up outlook again.

And the list goes on! It is like having a much-needed personal assistant for free!

And just when I thought jott was over-the-top awesome, it became even awesome-er by adding the option to read feeds to your cell!! Today they announced that you can now call jott, say "lifehacker", and they will read the lifehacker feed to your cell. Or say "weather" and get the weather feed. Or "news". Or "horoscope". You can choose from the jott preselected feeds or enter your own (I of course put in all of DARKUFO's Lost feeds among others).

In fact - if you look in my sidebar you can see i have a little button that allows you to even add this rambly blog to your jott feeds too. Just think! My boring babble read to you while you coast in traffic, drift off on the train, etc! What more can you ask for? :)