Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Twitter-ing Fool (or maybe just a fool :o)

Darn! Typepad ate my last post! ARGH....

Okay, back to what i was saying... I am now tweet-ing my boring life 24/7 on twitter! See it here. It is bunches of fun. I still love facebook but have been so busy lately that i can't keep up! So, twitter lets me see all the updates and important day-to-day stuff that my pals are posting. Go check it out and start posting your random thoughts...

Some fabulous applications that I recommend to keep you procrastinating - lol: Twitterfox, Twhirl, Facebook Toolbar

Oh - I FINALLY got a myspace account! I am super friendless so please add me! You can see it here.

That is pretty much all I have time to post today. I am trying to get the kiddos to clean their rooms and must eat dinner... Happy to say I finished a project today and can start fresh tomorrow!

And speaking of tomorrow... SEASON FINALE OF LOST! WOO HOO!

Have a good night!