Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blog makeover! Opinions please!

Well, I was getting really tired of my blog. Being cheap (lol) i only was doing the basic typepad plan, but decided to upgrade. I looked at blogger (again, being cheap!) but I am totally horrible with html. I plopped a banner up, Jen and I had a good laugh at how bad it looked, and then ran back to typepad. Blogger looks like a great option if you know how to tweak code, but alas, I stay very far away from html!

So what do you think? Easy to read? Hard to read? Too much?

I am hoping by pretty-ing it up it will make me want to post more... wishful thinking!

The banner was made from a carpet runner mock up using a new Kristy Valshan collection (not sure if this collection will be "released" on the site or not due to potential licensing opportunities), and the font used for "Bits & Pieces" is by Darcy Baldwin (it is my own handwriting made into a font - I highly recommend her!! I love the font and used it for Christmas cards, envelopes, journaling on scrapbook pages, etc - Jen used it to address her own cards this year too! LOL!).

That's it for now - Jeff and kids home from grocery store so off to put the groceries away. Have a happy Saturday and thanks for your comments!