Saturday, March 22, 2008

QOTW - Viewing/Organizing Adobe Presets?

How do you all organize and view your presets? Like brushes, shapes, etc.?

I am going bonkers trying to figure out an effective way to organize (spring cleaning bug I guess). Does ACDSEE have a trick that allows you to see/tag them?? I have ACDSEE 9 (LOVE IT BTW - go grab it if you don't have it!!)...

I would prefer not spend a lot of money (lol - obviously right?) but really think it would be a good idea. Unless adobe CS3 has a way to do this and I am just missing it - yes, yes i can be an airhead sometimes. That, and I have a rather large nose so seeing past the end of it isn't always easy! LOLOL!

Anyone want to share tips? THANKS! :)