Thursday, March 6, 2008


Sometimes you need to step away and do something totally irrelevant, yk? Correen and Rachel sent me this, so I figured i would post it and make it more of a tag thing. Here goes...

1. What time
did you get up this morning?   7:00am

2. Diamonds
or pearls?   Diamonds

3. What was
the last film you saw at the movies?  Harry
Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

4. What is
your favorite TV show?  Lost

5. What do
you eat for breakfast? Breakfast Burrito and
XL Diet Coke

6. What is
your middle name? Kristy

7. What food
do you dislike? Dislike Seafood, Steak, Lemon

8. What is
your favorite CD at the moment? Rent

9. What kind
of car do you drive?  Toyota Sienna

10. Favorite
sandwich?  Chicken Salad with grapes

11. Favorite
item of clothing? Oversized WI sweatshirt,
yoga pants

12. Person
dead or alive that you would like to have a conversation with?  My Dad

13. If you
could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would you go? Australia/New Zealand

14. What
color is your bathroom?  Coral and Sage

18. Favorite
Sport to watch? Soccer

19. Farthest
place you are sending this (I guess this can be changed to furthest friend reading this)?  Sydney, AUS

20. Who
do you expect to follow through on the tag? No one

Person you expect to complete it first? See

Favorite saying?  “whatever”

24. Are
you a morning person or a night person? Night

25. What is
your shoe size? 8

26. Favorite
food for Dinner?  Pasta/Lasagna

27. What did
you want to be when you were little?  A

28. What are
you doing today?  Cleaning and designing

29. What is
your favorite candy?  Toblerone

30. What is
your favorite flower? Stargazer Lilly

31. What
day are you looking forward to most on your calendar?  Christmas

32. What are
you listening to right now? Calista singing a
song about food and the princess Aurora

33. What was
the last thing you ate ? The Burrito in #5

34. Do you
wish on stars? Yes

35. Do you
believe in Angels? Yes

36. If you
were a crayon, what color would you be?  Burgundy

37. What is
your pet peeve? Hmmm. When people interrupt.

Last person you spoke to on the phone? Jen

39. Do you
like the person who tagged you? Yes

4 0. Favorite
soft drink?  Diet Coke

41. Favorite
restaurant?  Cheesecake Factory

Siblings? 2 younger brothers

43. Favorite
day of the year? Christmas

44. Favorite
day of the Week?  None

45. Spring or
Fall:  Fall

46. Hugs or
kisses? Hugs

47. Chocolate
or vanilla? Vanilla

48. Do you
want your friends to tag you back?  Hmmmm...

49. What is
under your bed?  Rubbermaid with bathing

50. Who is
the friend you've had longest? Angi B from HS
and Kristi V (oops – T) from College

51. What did
you do last night?  Read LOST stuff and watched American Idol

52. Favorite
smell?  Banana Bread

53. What are
you afraid of?  Fire

54. How many
keys on your key ring? 2

55. How many
years at your current job?  SAHM – 6 1/2,
designer/artist - 4

56. Favorite
city to visit?  San Francisco, CA and
Nice, France

57. How many
towns have you lived in?  8ish I think

58. Do you
make friends easily? Not true ones

I had to alter some of these since I changed it  from an email to a tag, so if you have to change anything to make more sense please do!! I am going to tag four people (aside from the people I
emailed, you know who you are JEN, ROBIN, MELINDA, KIM, ETC)...

I am tagging...

And anyone else who wants to join in! Please post the link to your answers below. :)