Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well, day after tomorrow Jen and I are off to CHA! Sorry about the lack of posts - we have been prepping for our booth. Jen has done an incredible job getting stuff ready... five million trips to the printers, fed ex, etc. I can't believe it is finally almost here! We leave for California early on Friday, and will prep the booth in the afternoon with the union. We have a couple meetings Saturday and then the show starts Sunday! Woo hoo!

If you are heading out to the show please stop by and say hello. We (under our company name, Kristy Valshan Inc. Licensing and Design Studio) are in booth #2991 in front of CK Media and diagonal from Epson in the licensing section. We would love to meet you!

Here is a sneak peek (special thanks to Melinda Staley for her RAK DigiCraft templates) - the first two items are cards/envelopes and then a few bookmarks (I have like 20 bookmarks and tons of cards but this is just a taste!):




Speaking of Melinda, you should see the awesome hybrid projects she did for our booth! All sorts of goodies! Jen did some great stuff too, like journals and address books and fun fabric projects. I stuck to the easy things - bookmarks, cards, etc. but also went a little mod podge crazy and did a recipe card holder, a file box, a small travel suitcase thing, etc. all decoupage-y. My stuff looks pretty shoddy compared to the other two so don't look too close! LOL!

One thing i would like to mention is how much I LOVE martha stewart glitter. Jen and i saw it last year at CHA when they unveiled the Martha line of scrap stuff (from EK Success). Now for the record i am not a true Martha maniac but her glitter rocks. Really. I used it for the recipe card box, a Christmas trinket box, the holiday cards... I don't know what it is about it but it is so super sparkly and bright and it "foils" really well - boy do I sound silly. LOL. All this over glitter - i guess I am getting a little delirious here! Hello?!! Where did Jeanine go?!?!? the one that Jen affectionately (?) calls the crappy crafter? Hmmmmm....

Anyway, see you at CHA!