Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Enabler Alert!!

My friend Nick over at (sister company to Scrapwow) is
consolidating one of the warehouses and has put together an amazing offer.
You can grab THREE of the amazing kits formerly sold on QVC (a gift bag making kit, a box making
kit, and a frame making kit) for only $9.97 plus shipping and handling (this is
a savings of $39.97 off their regular prices). THIS OFFER ENDS FRIDAY.

If you
visit the following link, you can see short videos of how the kits work as well
as details on the kit contents.

I went and bought mine yesterday, even though I already had the gift bag making kit! LOL - it is such a good deal even for the 2 I didn't have!

I am such the enabler aren't I? :)