Wednesday, August 15, 2007

She had better run...

Jen and I recently traveled together for trade shows in Atlanta and Chicago, which i have yet to blog about (busy!). However, I got a big surprise when my dear (?) friend told me to look at her blog today...

Now that I am officially embarrassed, the photos are going to come out. And the stories. Oh yes - no holding back now. BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH <evil laugh>

The first of many - a photo of Jen and me on a flight to MN. We both hate flying. HATE IT. This is us trying to calm down (I even have my motion sickness wrist bands on) after taking our dramamine!


And next, a photo of Jen that I actually like (she was showing me her recent hair color) - ain't she the cutest thang?


Anyway, although I am *mad* at the moment, Jen is the greatest person in the world to work for with and a fabulous, caring friend. And on a day like today, when I am really down in the dumps, she is there to pull me back out. For that I say thank you - it means the world to me!!

Okay, enough mush. Watch for more photos when I upload them from my camera soon...

Have a good night.