Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MyblogLog.com - what do YOU think of it?

Wow - so NOW I am not only totally addicted to linkedIN.com but also MyBloglog.com! MyBloglog.com is insanely fun. You can search blogs and members by any keyword (my "communities" primarily relate to scrapping, autism, photoshop, moms, etc) and just get lost!

If you haven't already signed up you really should - ESPECIALLY if you are a blog reader (or, in my case, a procrastinator who does not want to start working on the RAKScraps.com mega kit preview yet or scrapdish stuff because I have a pinched nerve that hurts like heck!!).

If you are a member, be sure to post a link to your community page in a comment below and/or post on my own MyBloglog page here, join my little community, or add me as a contact! I would love to be hooked up with some interesting blogs!

I do most of my blog reading on my pda. BLOGLINES has a great mobile setting so when I am stuck in the car I can catch up a bit. I do end up marking all posts as read many times though...

So, what do you think of mybloglog.com? When/where do you read blogs? Do tell!

Have a good night! :)