Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Make money, get revenge, avoid cleaning

Yes - not only can you make money and get revenge with this new scheme, you can also get out of cleaning. I cannot take credit for the hottest way to make money in years - my diva-daughter Calista came up with.

The three year old decided she was going to dump all of her five year old brother's toys onto the coffee table. All the little cars and trains. All the books. Everything. Luckily I caught her when she had only been working on this for about ten minutes. She was putting the toys in a big basket, walking into the family room and lining them all up on the table.

Me: "Calista, what are you doing?"
C: "I have yard sale* Mommy."   
*note: Jeff took them to a yard sale this past weekend. Bad daddy.
Me: "Oh? But these are all of Colton's toys."
C: "Yes. I sell Colton toys because Colton mean to me."
Me: "I don't think you would like it if Colton sold all of your toys. Now clean them up please."
C: "I caaaaaaaaannnn'tttttt Mommy."
Me: "Why not? You made a big mess!"
C: " You to pay me first. This is sale Mommy. I need coin."

My daughter is now 32 cents richer and I still have a mess on my coffee table. Sigh.