Saturday, April 28, 2007


Not on "canvas", but rather painting my newly designated office.

With everything going on, and this little "hobby" becoming a full-fledged business, Jeff and I decided I need an office. He has an office in the basement which he offered up to me (it is a really nice size with decent lighting, and besides he doesn't even use it) BUT there are NO WINDOWS. I am definitely solar powered - I need sunlight. That seasonal affective disorder? That is totally me. Anyway, an addition is out of the question until I win the  so what do we do...

Right now we have an extra bedroom that we were using for Colton's home program - there is a kitchen table, desk, etc. I decided to boot him down to the playroom and make that part classroom and I took over (MAWAHAHAHA). We also could use a guest room (poor Tracy Watson had to sleep on a mattress on the floor of Calista's room last week when she stayed with me - she must think we americans do not know how to treat their guests!! LOL!!).So... we are making the room into a guest room/office for me. We put shelves in the closet except for about 1/3 and we left a hanging rod there, and we have bookshelves, desk, hutch, and dresser (of which I will leave one drawer empty for guests). I do need to get a filing cabinet to house my contracts though - the plastic ones are not cutting it! LOL!

Jen is coming in a few weeks and she demands to stay in luxury - LOL - so I guess we are putting her up in a hotel (j/k Jen!!). Jeff wanted to get the whole thing done before Tracy came, but there is evil wallpaper in the room. Yes. Wallpaper. We started stripping it with Dif but came to the realization the wall had not been primed prior to the application. So, the drywall was coming off with it! Hmph. I decided to get a bit creative, so we head to Lowe's and look at options for the walls. We decided to put up Wainscotting on the lower wall and will do a faux finish on the upper wall. What was supposed to be a short project is turning out to be lllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg.

So the wainscotting is up, and now I am painting the top wall. I chose a cottage white for the base coats and I am doing a grey/purple for the ragging/bagging off glaze coat. I put on the 2 coats of the white today and will do the glaze tomorrow I guess. It is interesting - I am totally not a purple person but one of my business associates has her whole office space purple in her building and it was inspiring to me, and then when Jen and I saw the pantone color trends for next year, purple is definitely "in" and fun! The purple I chose was on the grey side (kinda like they use on the website here but not so dark) so we will see...

I have done a lot of interior house painting actually and I really love it (weird huh?). Jeff watches the kids, and I do the painting. I chuckle as the kids yell and scream. I listen to music. I get a little workout. It is all good. :)

Anyway, I thought I would share some painting tips that may or may not be of interest to you (if you read this far you deserve more than tips - I should send you a gallon of paint! LOL).

- Good rollers are key. I swear by the Purdy brand of rollers as well as brushes. Cheap rollers and brushes are not worth the savings. Trust me on this one!!

- Get good paint for decent coverage and consistency. We use Behr from Home Depot which Consumer Reports rates as #1.

- You can get your paint color matched. For example, take in a picture, a pillow, a shirt, whatever it is you want the color to be and they can match the paint. NOTE: this is not the most accurate, and I find it better to use the chips and try to best match my item myself.

- Make clean up easier by lining your paint trays with aluminum foil. When you are done, just take off the foil and toss it.

- No paint clothes? Turn an old pair of pants and shirt inside out. If you spill it won't be as noticeable on the inside of your clothes!

- When using tape to prep the walls, make sure you follow the directions - blue tape should used only if the paint has cured (can be up to 14 days), purple can be used when the paint is dry to the touch

- So you have finished your first coat and will be doing the second coat tomorrow. You don't want to clean your brush in between (who would?)... put in a plastic bag and store it in your freezer. It will be ready to go (if you have the room, you can do the same with your paint tray).

- Oh... when doing a painting project, make sure to allow time to spackle/caulk, sand and prime! I always forget that when I estimate how long it will take (probably because I HATE that part about painting! I always try to get Jeff to do the wall prep!!).

- For faux painting, I recommend using the Behr paint of your choice and then mixing it with their glaze (4 parts glaze for 1 part paint). Some places sell premixed faux glaze but then you are limited in color. I have used paint without glaze and it looks very flat and looks like you just made a mistake with your painting - LOL. I have also tried various faux techniques: sponging on and off, ragging on and off, etc. The EASIEST technique (and the one I am doing for the office) that creates a soft texture is bagging off (not backing off, bagging off - LOL). You can do this one of two ways. First have a lot of bags on hand (we go to costco and buy wastebasket liners in a box of a million). Then you can use a crumpled bag and "stamp" the wall after you have applied the glaze. Move the bag around making sure to overlap. The other option is lay the bag on the wall flat, press down so the creases are really pressed into the glaze, and peel off. The first technique gives a more subtle look and the second is very texture heavy. I am doing the first for the office but for a kitchen I helped paint I did the second technique.

Wow. This turned into an incredibly long (and boring post). LOL. Sorry about that - I must somewhat enjoy painting to go into this much crazy details!!!

How about you all share your painting tips! I would love to hear them. Yeah, I am weird like that! LOL!