Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WHOA - save some DOUGH!

As you know from my review of the Unibind Photobook Creator - I loved it! Well, Jen loved it so much too that we decided to sell it at SCRAPDISH! We will only sell things at ScrapDish that we absolutely love and stand behind 100%. That is why we are so selective with our designers and our products - but everything we put up on that site we would buy and use ourselves. Anyway, get to the point already Jeanine!

Jen and I are a little nutty lately with everything we have going on, so we decided to spread the madness by having a HUGE SALE on the Photobook Creator! The catch? You need the coupon code "Unibind99" (shhhh - it is a secret!)! This product sells at other stores for much more, with higher shipping charges and stocking issues, but for ONE WEEK you can buy it from us for only $99.99 (regularly $119.99) - no backorders! Woo hoo!

Don't forget - $99.99 price is after coupon "Unibind99". Coupon expires February 22. Start making those books! Speaking of, better start on that Mother's Day album...