Monday, February 19, 2007

ScrapWow – A Playground for Scrapbookers


I am so excited - I have finally found the best bang for those digiscrapping bucks – no kidding! It is a website called ScrapWOW and it is AWESOME!

ScrapWow is different then your typical scrapbook site. You pay one incredibly low annual fee ($19.95) and get a ton of amazing goodies: 6 digital kits by incredible designers like Clara Wallace and Doris Castle upon registering, one new kit per month from talented featured artists, an e-book of scrapbook sketches, an e-book of phrases/sayings, a coupon pack for various scrapbooking websites, tutorials, free e-cards, fabulous unannounced bonuses and, my personal favorite, your own scrapbook website!  Can you believe it? Check it out for yourself here.

Now let’s talk about that make-your-own website thing. Yes, it sounds scary and technical and all that. But it is not AT ALL – I promise! You choose your template (the templates themselves are great – made by those fab designers I mentioned above), click some buttons, upload your photos and you are ready to go. I am not kidding – it is that simple. Check out the site I created by clicking here. And that is just the beginning!

I also created my own scrapbook albums in no time flat. Again, the key here is ease of use. I selected my template (there are a ton of choices), uploaded my photos and presto! I have this adorable scrapbook slide show that my family will love. You even have the option to email people and tell them you have a new album! If you would like to see what the albums look like, you can check out mine by clicking the link to them from my ScrapWOW website page above or by clicking here.

But wait – there’s more! You can upload videos to share, maintain a guestbook, create polls… a ton of options. You can even password protect your site and albums. Can you believe that this is included in that annual fee? Me neither, but it’s true!

Every time I log onto ScrapWOW there is another bonus, goodie or feature. They are constantly adding to the site – and it is bursting at the seams already! Oh, and did I mention they have a store too? The designers are the cream of the crop – I am drooling over all the eye candy.

Seriously, this is the best deal on the web. Not only that, but it so much fun and easy to use! Non-scrapbookers and scrapbookers alike will love ScrapWOW – I know I do! J