Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy (??) Valentine's Day

Well, I have had a real crappy couple days to follow an amazing week or 2! Ugh! I will post more about my great couple weeks in a bit (at CHA, etc) but ugh!!! Yesterday and today should just be deleted!

(1)My wedding ring and engagement ring and watch are missing (possibly taken - the rings were "looped" on my watch which was closed, so they would be all together)

(2) My car was stuck in the neighbors yard today due to the ice, sliding me off my own driveway on the way to the pharmacy (luckily no one was hurt) - the car is still stuck actually, but we managed to get it out of their yard and into ours. Can't get out of my driveway, and never got to the pharmacy!

(3) Calista was in a mood and dumped milk on a clean load of laundry (purposefully), and this was AFTER she threw the vase with my Valentine Roses in it across the room so it shattered into pieces (again, purposefully). The roses are beautiful though.

(4) Kids had off due to the ice, so they were totally bummed about missing the V-Day parties and I was totally bummed that I could not be more of an entertaining mom! Although i did allow them to glue froot loops to construction paper and paint them, which i feel is pretty daring of me...

Anyway, I then realized that duh, I had neglected to do anything for Jeff for the big V Day. Sigh. Normally I get things planned out in advance (like birthdays and holidays) but NOT on these romantic foo foo days. Poor guy. So, I made him a really quick card (in between cleaning up shattered vases, milk, etc)...


So, although this is just a quick and simple card, it might be useful to someone out there so I figured I would give the quickpage away. It is 12x12 300dpi Valentine-themed. Hope you can use it! Download here, leave some love, and tell your friends (just DO NOT share the link - please direct people to this site for tracking purposes. Thanks!!!).

OH - I almost forgot! The BG paper, ribbon and flower are included in this month's RAKScraps Mega Kit add-on (should be released in the next couple days and, in honor of RAK week, ALL PROCEEDS (net of paypal) will be donated to rheumatoid arthritis research!