Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Exclusive kits are now available...

Boy, all these scrap-related posts lately! I guess I must be back in the swing of things, huh? Well, kinda anyway. :)

I have two new kits up at that I wanted to show all of you. The first is BREATHE, and I came up with the colors while I was recovering from my surgery. I would try to relax my breathing since the lung collapse made it difficult to take deep breaths, and these are the colors that I kept thinking about - tranquil, relaxing, spa-like, you know?

The second kit I did before my surgery and it is called FALL FROLIC. It has great fall colors - the papers have lots of texture and patterns (sunflowers, leaves, acorns, etc). It was really fun to make!

I have some extras that didn't make it into the kits that I will be giving away here, so keep your eyes peeled. :)