Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Well, the surgery is scheduled for Friday, September 8th. They wanted to schedule it mid-August, but I cannot really do it until (1) Colton goes to school full-time and (2) after my brother's wedding in Madison over Labor Day. For (1), that will give me more time without at least one of the tornados and for (2), I could not miss my brother's wedding! No way.

Thank you all SO VERY MUCH for your comments, your emails, etc. I am the luckiest person to have all your support!

I have been trying to get as much info as possible on hysterectomies, the hyperplasia, etc. I feel so unprepared for this, yk? The next time I see the doctor is the day of surgery! Eeek! I have to get a pre-op medical clearance from my primary doctor and then have to go in to the hospital for an EKG and some bloodwork, and then I am good to go. I was thinking of asking for an ipod for my bday to kill the time a bit and drown out the noise while I am at the hospital - any suggestions/thoughts?

I am so stressed about this, and all the anxiety is driving me nuts. I talked to Colton's case manager at DDD about someone coming out for respite services but they said they have no one available. I am going to try calling Cali's early intervention case manager and see if they have any ideas. Geez. If only I could wait 5 years when the kids were older - Colton still can't dress himself, and Calista refuses to get dressed! LOL! No wonder why our one and only babysitter quit after 3 visits (she actually walked out and said she couldn't handle the kids - and she was a preschool /day care aide!). Sigh. My kids are really sweet, but they are VERY energetic. And determined. And strong-willed. And, um, can be brats. Oh, and yeah, there is the special needs thing. Colton with the autism, ADHD, etc and Calista with the neurological movement disorder, ADHD, asthma, etc. Makes it a little tough to find a sitter...

As my mom says, it will work out. I guess it has to, even if I am lying in my bed and lock the kids in the room with me and let them tear it apart. As long as they don't tear open my incision we are okay, right? Sure.

Oh - Colton got a new cast, and it is smaller! YAY! He spent 5 weeks in the big cast and now he has one that is just below the elbow. He got to pick the color and BEGGED for pink. I knew Jeff would kill me, so we compromised on purple. I will post a pic soon, but for now here is a pic of him last week with the big cast and his "custom-made" sling by yours truly:


Well that is all for now. I am working on some papers to upload at SBB/Scrapdish since it has been forever and it gets my mind off things...