Thursday, August 3, 2006

Random Scrap Stuff

Okay, I am going to do a post just on scrapping! Imagine that!

Melissa did some cute layouts of our little trip to the Memories Expo a couple months ago... she used Correen's great kit named after me (nah, I am not biased!) called Flowers for Jeanine. Thought I would share it with all of you (it is the 7/18/06 entry). Melissa - we didn't take any pics from CKC / cheesecake factory this weekend! Ugh!

Also, if you haven't been grabbed Krista's freebie today, make sure you get there! It rocks!

Let's see... a new collaborative kit is coming to a store near you (lol) this weekend. Watch for a special coupon to come that will be good for SUNDAY ONLY! It is a quirky-type collection and loads of fun!

MORON ALERT - being that I have only half a brain (if that) lately, I sent an email to the entire RAK yahoo group that was meant just for the CT! It was no big deal, just about file sizes, but BOY do I feel like an idiot. THIS is why I am not leaving my house! I feel like I am going to flub everything up lately.

I read an interesting post on Ali Edwards blog today that really rings true. She is really inspiring to me, and I love reading her posts on Simon (her son who has ASD). Anyway, if you have a few minutes you might want to read it!

What else? Since this is a post that is supposed to be all scrap-related, I am finding it difficult to stay "on-topic" as Colton's speech therapist would say! LOL...

I have three new paper packs coming to SBB and Scrapdish, just need to get the uploaded. They are part of my new "MOOD SWINGS" collection. Like the name? TOTALLY how I am feeling right now! There will be more coming, but here is a sneak peek:

Jbaechtold_moodswings_sm1 Jbaechtold_moodswings_sm2 Jbaechtold_moodswings_sm3

I think that is it for now... hope you all are doing well. Have to go feed the kiddos and save the cat. Have a good night.