Saturday, August 12, 2006

Misc. Stuff

Did you all see the awesome birthday cards some of the RAK members made? Click here and enjoy - they are funny, sweet, kind, silly... all different! I loved them, and each one made me feel special!

As Jeff refused to celebrate my birthday ON my birthday, I have instilled what I like to call a MAJOR guilt trip. Thus, he is going to get me a birthday cake and do a little shopping! The best part? He is taking the kiddos with him and I am home ALONE! Yippee!

I want to also thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes - thank you SO MUCH! I really appreciate the emails, cards and gifts... you are all way too thoughtful and generous, you know that? Thank you! Although sometimes I think I am really unlucky, I realize that I am truly blessed in many ways. Thanks!

It is supposed to be beautiful today so I am going to so some yard work I think. I have to even out my huge bathing suit tan lines because of the dress I ahve to wear for my brother's wedding - I look so dorky (even more so than usual!). I have the bathing suit lines, then another line "Farmers Tan" on my arms... here is the dress (8660_bridesmaid_dress I only wish I had that body/face to go in it!):

Now picture that dress with some huge ugly tan lines and a huge ugly face! LOL! Ah well, I am sure no one will care except me! :)

Ummmm, what else? Oh - a lot of wonderful people have suggested that we look into the Family Medical Leave Act for Jeff for my surgery time. Unfortunately, he just started his job in July and you have to be an employee for 6 months to be eligible for FMLA. :( So that doesn't help us unfortunately.

I did get some good news about Calista's developmental day care/school. Cali goes to the ARC school for developmentally disabled children for children under the age of 3. It is a great program, but they have very limited openings/spots. She was on a waiting list to go full time (M-Th, 9-3) - she was already part-time (W & Th, 9-3) but with everything going on I signed up for full time. There were 4 other kids on the list. I spoke with the director a few weeks ago, and she said there were no openings. However, something came up that allowed a full-time spot to be available and I got the call yesterday that Cali can go full time! HOORAY! I just have to find help now for after school on those days, and help for driving her to/from the school until I get clearance to drive from the doctor! That is still not easy, but it is a lot less expensive for her to go to this school then to hire a nanny/babysitter for those hours! That made my day!

I think that is it for now. Thanks again all for the birthday wishes, and have a great weekend!