Thursday, August 31, 2006

Leavin' on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...

101_3230Well, we will be leaving for my brother's wedding in Madison, WI later and staying there until Monday. I can't believe Jimmy is getting married! Trish is a very lucky woman, as Jimmy is a very lucky man. I wish them nothing but the best - I love you guys! XOXOXO

This is my brother Jimmy playing the piano with Colton and Calista on Christmas morning last year... he comes out for Chirstmas every year.

On another note, I cannot believe I am flying with my kids - ugh. I am thinking Colton will be so impressed with everything that he will be okay, but Calista will have sensory overload and be a spazzy mess! I think Jeff will need to sit with her - I call Colton! LOL! We bought them some cheapo DVD players so they can each have one, and we are packing the Leapster for Colton. I am going to bring tons of snacks (can't bring drinks though, so maybe lollipops?). Any other hints for flying with little ones are appreciated!

As I said, I will get back Monday. Then Tuesday I have a doctor appt, Wednesday the kids start school and I have another doctor appt, Thursday I have to get blood drawn and one more test, and then Friday the 8th is the BIG DAY. Yup, my surgery is a week from tomorrow. I went to one of my doctors two days ago and my bloodwork came back okay, just some slight anemia, but the scary part is the doctor said she got a note from the GYN who is doing the surgery and it says "probable cancer" - whatever. I just want this to get over with. I want to sleep for a couple months and wake up and all this stuff be done, you know? I am really getting nervous and edgy. Well, I am always edgy - this just makes it worse! I am glad that the dr agreed to me waiting until after Jimmy's wedding though - I would hate to miss it. I am also hoping that the cells have stayed contained in one area, and that this surgery means that everything is gone. I do NOT want to do treatments or any of that stuff after the surgery- obviously! I just want to go in, get my surgery done and have them remove all the tumors, go home and be done with it. Sigh. Fingers crossed...

Let's see, what else? I barely have time to design, but I did of course get my kit done by the due date! It is a fall kit (not uploaded yet) so keep your eyes peeled! I wanted to get some papers in the SBB/Scrapdish stores before I left since we are kinda strapped with all the unpaid time Jeff needs to take, but I don't think that is happening. Of course, like everyone, any little bit helps so maybe I can get a minikit done - in between packing? Sigh. Don't think it is happening. Oh well.

I think that is all for now. I will check in next week - thanks for your support everyone! It means the world to me!