Saturday, July 8, 2006

Where have I been?

Well, in the past month, I feel like I have been everywhere or nowhere! My mom was in the hospital for a couple weeks and is now recovering at home (and getting stronger every day! Yay mom!). Then, a few weeks ago I was in the ER for abdominal pain that turned out to be a mass on my right ovary. They ran some tests, gave me some great pain meds and told me to follow up with my gynecologist. Then at the end of June we went on our 10 day cruise to St Thomas, St Martin, San Juan and Haiti. It rained a lot unfortunately, and Calista was tough, but it is always good to do something different.

The day after we got back from vacation, what happens? Guess...

Well, Colton broke his arm. He will be in a cast for 8-12 weeks (ALL summer and for my brother’s wedding!). He can’t run for fear of it not healing and shifting around, so no recess during summer session, no outdoor stuff (no pool/beach since it can’t get wet and no sand/sandbox since it can’t get sand in it), no riding his bike (which he does daily), and he can’t even get dressed since he has such weak fine motor skills and upper body strength he needs both hands. The cast goes from almost his shoulder to his hand (in between the thumb and forefinger) but since he has small hands and the cast is so big he can’t pinch/grasp since the cast is so big. Ugh – the poor guy. I feel so horrible for him. He loves being outside (that is normally his reward for his behavior plan) and this has made him so sad! He has such a high tolerance for pain that he didn’t even tell Jeff anything, he was just whimpering a bit (yet his arm bones were all sticking out!). I feel awful, and he is so sad. I am trying to play a lot of trains with him (he is bored anyway being back from vacation) but it is hard for him. We went and got some Thomas fabric so I am going to sew some of the characters on his sling to make it a little special!

Now, I was not home the day he broke his arm. I was actually at a hotel trying to catch up on work (work=designing/emails) since we had been gone on vacation. I had 3000 emails to go through so Jeff just said go to a hotel for the day to catch up. He barely had time to say good bye I was out of there SO FAST.

The FUNNY part of all this… I get to the hospital and the doctor/nurse/everyone is asking ME what happened and I am like I wasn’t there! Then Jeff said he wasn’t in the room when it happened, so he didn’t really know what happened either. I am glad that it was on his watch! Then, Colton says he fell off a trampoline and the doctors and nurses look at us like, oh! That explains it! They have a trampoline! Well, we do NOT have a trampoline. We have a kid/mini one (see it here) that the OT recommended. I tried explaining this to the doctor and they blew us off!! Ugh!

Then, I go to give Cali a hug, and she is drenched through her diaper (it is 4pm). I said to Jeff – when was the last time you changed her diaper? Ugh… this morning maybe? Jeff, do you have any diapers with you? Ugh… no. So we have to run to the nearest store to get diapers since Cali was wet as could be.

BUT the best part that I will never let Jeff forget? I look at what the kids were wearing (keep in mind I hadn’t been home since the day before).  Colton has old shorts with two holes in them and – get this – Calista has on shorts and a t-shirt with her fancy black shoes… but wait! She has one fancy black shoe on her right foot, and then she has a different black shoe on her left foot (but it was the right shoe!)! So Calista was wearing not only two different shoes but they were both the shoes for the right foot! So our soaking wet with pee daughter has on two right-footed fancy black shoes with her cut-off denim shorts and hot pink t-shirt.

I swear they were going to call child services on us. Really. It was pathetic! Ugh.

Then, on Friday I had my hospital follow-up stuff, and it turns out what is "wrong" and that is causing me chronic pain my not be just that growth on my ovary. On Monday I have to go for another MRI and on Thursday I need to get a biopsy of my uterus done.

To top that news off, I got really sick with a 102-103 fever, sore throat, chills etc on Wednesday and still am battling that. Jeff got it too and had to call in sick to the job he just started last week! Calista also got it and is having a really hard time breathing. Poor thing.

So I think that brings you up to date. Sorry for boring you, and thanks for all your support. I need it right now!