Saturday, July 8, 2006

I love the 80s

I have had this sitting on my hard drive for the longest time, and it is about to come out. But first, please heed this warning!

WARNING: Must wear sunglasses when viewing the following!

Yes, I am an 80s child. I loved the music, the styles, etc. I will be turning 35 soon and the 80s was "it"! Do you remember those flourescent shirts in the WHAM videos? Were those not the coolest? I used to wear one with a half a million rubber bracelets like Madonna - I was too cool for words. Anyway, that is what I had in mind with these papers. But again, get those sungalsses on, put on your Wham shirts, and dance to some "Tainted Love". This is almost unbearably bright!

Download here if you think you can handle these colors! This will only be available for a week, and then it will be buried in my backyard... so grab it if you want it. You know the drill though, no hotlinking or sharing the file through yahoo groups or any other means - just send 'em all here! We will have an 80s "Where are they now?" party!

Oh, and be sure to leave a comment or two with some 80s memories you have! :)