Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, my 80's WHAM freebie inspired me to run a contest to cheer me up! I love hearing 80s stories, 80s trivia, etc so I hope you all will humor me and participate. Please! I am in DESPARATE need of some laughter, since I hear it is the best medicine...

So, here is the deal. Post at least one layout (does not have to include pictures, can just be journaling or clips of TV shows or whatever!) on, drum roll please, the 80s! It can be a favorite memory, a funny story - anything that comes to your mind when someone mentions the 80s, and use any kit/designer you want! Please post it in the Impromptu Gallery at RAKScraps and feel free to give a shout out here or via email (jeanine@rakscraps.com) when you post!

The deadline to post is July 28th at Midnight EST.

Everyone who posts will get a gift from me, and one lucky winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to Scrapdish!

I am so excited about this - I hope you have fun and I look forward to seeing those layouts! Now get scrappin'!