Monday, June 19, 2006

'Sup with me?

Sorry, poor blog! I have been so incredibly stressed, busy, etc. that I cannot even thinks straight! My mom was in the hospital for a couple weeks and did not do well at first with blood loss (had a few blood transfusions, so THANK YOU to all those who donate blood!) but she is now home and recovering he next few months. I was hospitalized last week as well, in between going to mom's house (an hour away) to help her out.

The big news, though, is that we booked a last minute cruise and I am on the ship now! The internet connection is slow as molasses and they charge $.50 per minute, but I figured I would post here while I download my 3,000 + email. We left on Friday afternoon and spent Saturday and Sunday at sea. Today we are docking at St Thomas and Jeff and I are going snorkeling (I LOVE SNORKELING). Where are the rugrats? We are splurging on a babysitter for Calista and Colton will be in his little "aquanauts" program. The ship is really amazing. It has a promenade / mall with cafes and shops (that is where I am right now), ice skating rink, rock climbing wall, johnny rockets and ben jerrys along with all the nicer restaurants, etc. Very nice! I would highly recommend this ship for those looking to cruise (it is Royal Caribbean's Exporer of the Seas, click link above). The kids have been totally out of sorts so that has been the biggest bummer of the trip. We are locked in a the cabin a lot due to the kids behavior... although the kid program is great for Colton. The kids have to be potty trained and 3 and up but the program is fabulous - they have a new activity every 20 minutes and it is very structured and, as a total coincidence, the teacher has experience with autism! It is Cali that is difficult - she won't stop crying! :(

Anyway, I think I may try to post some freebies for you all here on my blog over the next few days. I have some add-ons to my newest kits at that I want to share with you that I just have not gotten the time to upload. Just haven't been myself for the past couple months, as my personal life has been in turmoil (if you only knew the half of it!)... I need to just get refreshed and relaxed now on this cruise to go back home and be ready to roll. It has been tough, and I TOTALLY appreciate those of you who have sent emails and love to me during this hard time! Also, as always, a big hug to Correen, Rachel and Robin for covering for me at RAKScraps and to Jen for covering for me at scrapdish.

And OMG - I just went to Correen's blog to hyperlink it and she has a kit named after me! WOW I am so tickled by that! It is beautiful C, and how nice of you to name it after ME! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Big hugs and a big wet kiss to you too!

Ugh - I have used up 40 minutes and my email is still downloading!

Oh! Mister Bailey Marshmallow Cat is staying with my mom, so she can have a snuggle-puss to recouperate with. :)

Well, I have to log off to take Calista to the aquatot playgroup at 10:30. Hope you all are well, and I miss being "around"! Take care and maybe I will post some photos next time. :)