Friday, May 26, 2006


Thanks so much for the comments/emails. I really appreciate it.


My mom is doing okay – there were some unforeseen complications that they are working on now, and some potential “bad news”, but we are dealing with it. I have not checked email since Tuesday morning except to quickly go through and make sure there is nothing I *need* to answer.

Jen Reed is an incredible person, and helping us to work on the download link problems that the zen cart upgrade is causing at Scrapdish.  She is in contact with the people at zen and trying to work on a fix. I know a few of the other designers offered to help her out, so a big THANK YOU to them too.  Until we get the links working the store will be closed (we don't want you to not be able to get your links!). 

RAKScraps is doing the mega kit release now, so if you have ANY questions/problems please remember to email or pm Rachel, Robin and Correen if you need an answer quickly. I am unable to read emails/pms right now since I am at the hospital with my mom and trying to cope with her stuff. Actually, the best way to get a response at RAK is to post in the forums. The members there are awesome and always willing to help others. Thanks C, R and R for covering for me! I really appreciate it!

Jeff had a huge asthma attack at the doctor's office Tuesday night, and they wanted to send him to the ER (his asthma has been bad for a week or so). I said no he CANNOT go because I have too much going on (nice wife I am huh?). He is taking some prednisone (steroids), a gajillion pills and puffers, and is getting better slowly. Ugh.

We are watching mom's dog while she is in the hospital. The poor dog has arthritis so bad she can't get up, so I have to lift her up all the time to get her anywhere. Poor thing.

For those of you that have asked, we named our cat "Mister Bailey Marshmallow Cat". Most of the time we call him Bailey-cat. Thanks for your input on that.

For the sweet ladies who sent ideas for my masculine kit, I will be sending your freebie this weekend or early next week. I am slowly working on it while mom is sleeping at the hospital.

I think that is it for now... more updates as I can do them! Thanks all and I miss you! :)