Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This and that, and MIA

I first want to thank all of you who purchased the new Summer SUNsations kit. I am so shocked and flattered, as are Jen and Krista, at the tremendous response to this kit. Thank you so much for your support! It was a lot of fun to make and I got a little daring and tried new things (esp the papers), so it is really rewarding that it was such a hit. Thanks! And thanks Melissa for pickin' us yesterday!

I am going wacky with this new scheduling here at home with the kids therapies and everything. I feel like I can't keep anything straight! Colton now has home programming with an autism specialist (ABA trained certified teacher) from 4:15-7:15pm three or four days per week, and has school 10am-3:15pm four days per week. He also has speech now only once per week since it was too much driving to do twice (it is over a half hour drive each way). Calista has her learning consultant one and a half hours on mondays, her behavior specialist one hour on tuesdays, and OT for one and a half hours on wednesdays and fridays. She also goes to a developmental preschool for children with disabilities on wednesdays and thursdays, so I get a break for a couple hours those days! Yippee! Anyway, it is really tough for me to keep this stuff straight. I am losing my mind for sure!

Starting tomorrow, my mom will be in the hospital for some extensive surgery. She will be there for a couple weeks. The hospital is over an hour away, so I will be in the car a lot to visit her daily. Just trying to figure out how to visit her in between everything! Tomorrow, during the surgery, I will be with her in the hospital and Jeff is taking off work to tend to the kids' things since they require someone be there "for emergency purposes". But the other days I will have to figure out. She is quite nervous so I feel I need to be with her as much as possible, as I am the only family near her. Anyway, I won't be around much - I plan on bringing my laptop tomorrow to work on a kit that is coming due for www.computerscrapbook.com, but won't have internet. It will help me pass the time while she is in surgery and get my mind off of everything!

Anyway, just trying to keep my head above water which seems to be getting more difficult lately. At least my mouth is slowly healing! That is good news! :)