Monday, May 15, 2006

Playing catch up!

ACK! It has been so long - I am sorry poor, neglected blog! Life has gotten in the way again...

I am back on the computer after surgery last week. My mouth still hurts (they had to slit open my gums around 4 of my teeth, chisel off the some jaw bone, and stitch it back up - 2 hours and ickiness later I am back!), but ice cream certainly helps (anyone want to send me some? I am running low!!). Now if only I could type better while holding an ice pack to my face! Ugh!

Sigh... so much to tell you! First, I got a cute little kitten! Yup, a flame-point siamese little guy.101_3969 We are having a heck of a time naming him. Colton wants "white cat" or "mister marshmallow". Jeff likes "snickerdoodle" (which I despise!!). I like mandarin, bailey (bailey's irish cream), macadamia (mac for short). I have been calling him bailey-cat so far. He is a creamy-white with fawn/peach ears and tail, and his siamese mask is coming in peach-y too. He is a real sweetheart - I will put some more pics up soon.

Second, I got to go to a digi-crop at Krista's house and meet up with Melissa and Robin. It was a ton of fun! I designed about 25 papers for a new collaborative kit coming to scrapdish soon, which is good since I was behind!

Third, Colton was really sick last week. He had a fever of 103-104 Monday through Wednesday. He was better Thursday and almost 100% by Friday, but he is not a good-sick. Jeff had child duty Thursday and Friday because of my surgery but by that time Colton was better! Figures, eh?

What did you all do for Mother's Day? HAve any links to layout you want to post here? I would love to see them! Feel free to post your Mother's Day layout links in the comments...

I am going to be posting a contest here in the next couple days - some scrapdish trivia. Did you all read the awesome Newsletter? If you are a subscriber, there was a coupon in there! Go check it out!!!

K, that is it for now. I might be back later, but need to take some meds! Hope you all have a good day.