Friday, April 21, 2006

Longest post ever. Period.

Typed at 10:00am.

It is interesting – sometimes I think I share too much of myself and other times I know people say I don’t share enough. LOL. I don’t want to bore people with my day-to-day stuff, yet some of you have emailed (thank you!) saying you would like to hear more! Funny, eh?

I am sitting in the waiting room at speech with my laptop and typing this (will post later) – trying to occupy my time I guess! My boring to-do list for today includes:

  1. Take Coltonto speech therapy

  2. Take Colton and Cali to neurologist

  3. Complete behavioral assessment for Colton

  4. Send ad to ad groups for SBB chat

  5. Finish RAKScraps mega kit add-on fundraiser

  6. Do preview for add-on and stock it at Scrapdish

  7. Figure out what to do about illegal sharing of RAKScraps mega kit links and post an update for members

  8. Call peridontist about jaw surgery

  9. Get coupons and freebie link info to Kim for chat

  10. Start kit for

  11. Wash sheets

  12. Go through P4D ad folder

  13. Mail brother Jimmy’s fiancée’s birthday card (sorry if it is late Trish!)

  14. Water flowers (new seeds as well as established perennials)

  15. Sort yesterday’s laundry

Okay, no more! I can’t add anything more since it is really stressing me out! LOL!

My allergies are so sucky this year, and Colton is sneezing a ton too and rubbing his eyes. Gina Miller was asking about OTC allergy meds on her blog, and I have yet to find any that I like. I will have to check back there later to see if anyone has some good advice.

Colton asked me what I wanted to be what I grow up today (and actually every day this week, but that is okay). One thing about Colton - he does not ask many questions. He really isn't that interested in other people or things - you can tell him the sky will be green today and he won't ask why. You know how people complain about their little kids asking a lot of questions? Colton does not. In fact, he is just learning HOW to ask questions, even if he doesn't care what the answer is (he is getting trained on that by his speech pathologist). It is part of his autism-deal I guess. Anyway, he now asks questions ONLY when he wants you to ask him the same question. So, in this case, he asked me a question that he really wanted me to ask him. Usually it comes down to trains somehow - train talk has been restricted lately. Colton can talk about trains and relate everything to trains 24/7/365. Everything is a train - and I am not exagerating at all. He takes a bite of food, he tells me that "this is the coal going from the tender into the engine" or if he runs fast he says he is "chugging like a fast train" or if he sees the letter t he says "t is for train" etc etc. But anyway...

Every day I tell him that I am grown up and I am a mommy. Normally he then says "ask me what I am going to be" but today he instead said that I had to be a train engineer, a police officer, or a bus driver. I was confused with this, and he further explained that you can only choose to drive something when you grow up. I guess there are no other occupations in the world but those that involve transport! LOL! Of course, when you ask him what he wants to be, he says a train engineer. I am sure that is a shocker to all of you! I asked him what kind of train he wanted to drive, and he said “a passenger train because they have bathrooms mommy”. Well duh. Those poor engineers that drive freight trains… J

Correen is having a coupon sale through 5/1, and she did a really cute ad for it. Did you shop yet? Correen has a nice soft look to her papers that try as I might, I just cannot emulate. I may have to bug her for her secret!

I am really nervous about the crop tomorrow night. Can you tell by my last post? I guess it is a time for people to ask a designer questions, but I am not sure I will be of much help. We will see – I am looking forward to it too, just nervous!

Totally off the subject here, but I am amazed at the amount of people that have become near and dear to me over the past couple years of being involved in digital scrapbooking. I want to take a minute to thank those nearest and dearest to me in the web world – Correen, Jen, Krista, Melissa, Robin and Rachel. They are wonderful friends and I am so fortunate to have them in my “digilife”! There are many other people who have inspired me in some way and/or have just made me laugh, too many to list (I would be afraid of leaving someone out!). But I hope you know who you are (not all designers BTW – a lot of the people I am thinking of are members at RAKScraps who take a moment out of their busy days sometimes just to pm me and say “thanks” or “how are you”), and I thank you too!

Wow, this post went ALL OVER. LOL – K, off to take the kids to the doctor!