Friday, April 7, 2006

Illegal Sharing of My Designs

Well, this sucks.

My blog freebies and some pieces of my Spring Fling kit have been floating around the various yahoo groups. Luckily I have some great online friends and wonderful people at the STOP DIGITAL PIRACY blog who are looking out for me and other designers. I really love people using my freebies and downloading them, but please - instead of sharing them through the rapidshare/grouper/whatever OR sharing them via hotlink to the .zip file, just send an email to my blog okay? That is all I ask as far as freebies go. Please don't ruin this for others - I don't want to have to not give out freebies because people are sharing them (1) as if they were their own, (2) as if they had permission to share, and / or (3) because they believe that if they downloaded it, then it is free to share.

As far as kits for sale go, DO NOT share them. Period. I don't charge much and I have really awesome sales because I know money is tight for people (see the kits at Scrapdish on sale for $1? I am feeling bad about not having new stuff so I am totally marking down 2005 kits...). If you like the kit and think someone else might like it, buy it for them or send them a link so they can purchase it.  Please stop sharing my stuff! Every cent I earn from making these kits go toward my children's therapies, and by sharing things I am selling you are stealing from me. I apologize for the lecture folks, but it needs to be said.

Thanks for reading this.