Monday, April 24, 2006


I really try hard to keep my personal feelings out of RAKScraps and do not like posting a lot of subjective-type things, but today I was pushed over the edge. I am, unfortunately, a sensitive person. My nickname (sweets) really should be gullible, naive, etc. I know that I should let most of this stuff roll off my back - really I do know that - but scrapbooking is my outlet. It is my happiness, my creative love, etc. When people take that away from me, or try to, I feel like something much more than kits/files was stolen. A bit of me was stolen too. I know, I know, you are going to say that I am dramatic. And maybe in this case I am - but I am also hurt, sad, and mad that people can be so mean-spirited, thoughtless and rude.

Over the past couple weeks, I have received many notices that my personal designs (free and for sale) have been shared in the yahoo groups. One of my for-sale kits was downloaded 265 times and sold for $5.50 (or on sale for $3.50). Now, I do realize if these people had to actually pay money for the kit they may not have, so it is not as if I lost 265 sales, but that is not even the point. The point is would you walk into your LSS, steal some papers and embellishments, share them with your friends and think you were entitled to it? How is that any different?

Then RAKScraps. In this case they were not only passing links to the mega kit, but the links were coming directly from the RAKScraps site. This is actually bandwidth theft. Yes, stealing bandwidth. We pay high penalties for bandwidth overages, so in essence we end up paying for people stealing our files. Do some of you not see that? Why would you not just send a link to the RAKScraps home page? I am so not understanding this.

Finally, the mega kit emails/pms. I have gotten some really NASTY, mean and icky emails from members. I have been belittled, offended and saddened by some of the harsh words people say all because are mega kits are not glaring at them on the home page. Now, although RAK is fun and free, what benefit would it do the site to put the links on the home page so you don't even come into see what we are all about? Why have a community if we were just about giving away a freebie - we could have a little one page website. RAKScraps is so much more than freebies, at least it is to me. If you can't find links to these gifts, why be mean about it? Why put me down personally? Why even email me if you don't like the site - just to tell me you don't like it? Well, thanks, but unless you have something constructive to add I don't really think that is necessary. If you can't find the links, just post a "please help me find the links" in the forums. Nice, short, polite post. That is all that is necessary. No snotty comments, no saying how frustrated you are, just simply ask for help (as I say to my four year old every day!). Period.

Thanks for letting me rant. I think I need a break from this.