Friday, April 14, 2006

From root canals to freebies

I am having so much crap going on lately it is not even funny, and to top it off I had to go in for an emergency root canal today (remember my toothache the other day?). I actually have to get another root canal done but they could only squeeze one in today - I have to go back for the other in 2 weeks. Then, I have to get this crown lengthening surgery done where they have to shave off some of your jaw bone. Ummmmm, ouch. Then I get to go back to the dentist and get 3 crowns put on. Ugh. Then they give me the cost estimate... I have insurance, but it will only pay $1,500 of the total. You don't even want to know how much this is going to cost (as much as my first car I think!!!)! I need this stuff done so my jaw doesn't get all infected, and yet insurance doesn't cover it. Blech.

Latest in the whole special ed saga? They have shredded student records. Read here if you would like. Although the article talks of shredding last summer, it went on up until January. Some of Colton's records were shredded and are now gone, including evaluations, assessments and progress reports.

So as I sit here waiting for the novicaine to wear off and the tylenol with codeine to kick in, I get an email from Krista about her new blog! Krista has been cranking out some totally amazing kits lately, and she is offering a free gift on her blog that goes with one of her collections. Go check it out!

Lots of topics in such a small post! Thanks for reading this!