Wednesday, March 22, 2006

NSBR - Kid Speak

As you probably know, my 4 year old DS Colton has autism, ADHD, etc. One of the common charateristics of autism is being rigid - not "getting" jokes, not understanding sarcasm, etc. Colton takes everything VERY literally. So, today he was running around like a looney and banging his head on the couches, and I said, "Colton! You are driving me nuts!" in a VERY exasperated voice. Colton looks at me and says "You are driving me to popcorn". I laughed and said that really he was driving me crazy, thinking that the word "nuts" is what threw him off. He then said we are not in the car, so we are not driving anywhere. Plus, he said, he would want popcorn if we were driving to the store anyway and not nuts. The rest of the day was spent telling colton (1) we are not going to the store and (2) we don't have any popcorn. Over and over again.