Monday, March 27, 2006

Beautiful Day!

Well, I am working hard to try to get in a better frame of mind, so I went outside today to enjoy the 60 degree sunny weather with the kiddos. It is so nice out, and the daffodils are coming up (almost blooming) and the tulips are half way there! VERY refreshing when I am stressing over this Board of Ed meeting tonight (PASE - PARENTS ADVOCATING FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION GROUP - is going to be there to address new reports from the state regarding the district SHREDDING STUDENTS RECORDS as well as other things). But I digress...

I put together another small add-on gift for the Spring Fling kit available exclusively at It coordinates perfectly with the collection :)


If you would like it, you can download it here for a limited time. I might package these two free addons from my blog and move them to scrapdish, so grab it now if you would like!

Oh - and a comment would REALLY make my day! Thanks so much, and enjoy the sunshine!