Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I went, and I spent

Okay, although I have been designing commercially for well over a year now (almost a year and a half) I still will drop a wad of money on digiscrapbook kits. I mean I can only DREAM of designing like some of these women!!! WOW!

So as you ALL know, SP re-opened her shoppe. Holy hog heaven! I am a huge fan of not only SP, but also of Dianne Rigdon among others (Carrie Stephens JUMPS to mind)... but before I go on a "list my favorite designers" post, you wanna know what I bought??

This, this, oh - and this, had to have this, and this was a must-have, and these looked fun to play with, and this oldie-but-goodie! My paypal account got a workout! :)

My other fave designers all sell at Scrapdish (Clara and Correen, that includes you too... just waiting for you to upload!) - with my favorite kit of all time being Rachel's Lights, Camera, Action. Now I just need to sit down and use it! I have the perfect photos for it... when my neighbor and I went to The View in NYC! I have other faves too, like everyone at Scrapartist, SBB... and basically my list can continue forever!

So, in addition to help pay the costs of everything that goes along with having 2 children with "special needs", I have to design to support my digi purchases!! LOL!!