Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Calista turned TWO!!

I cannot believe it! It was Calista's birthday on Monday, and on Sunday we had a teeny little party for her with grandma and one of our family friends and their two boys. She was so excited to have "Pwe-zentsssss" and her "ella" (princess, or cinderella) cake. She got furniture for her Dora house and TONS of princess-y frilly dress up shoes and dresses and boas and tiaras. Total girly girl - which is really funny since I am so NOT a girly girl. Jeff said "Do they offer moms classes on how to bring up a girly girl? Because you need to go..." All the girly stuff she got from friends/relatives - we got her things like mr potato head, elmo bath toy, aquadoodle... you know, the unisex stuff since I just can't seem to "do" girly! My neighbor paints her nails, my mom gets her lipgloss, and I dress her in blue jeans. <sigh> What a bad mommy I am!!!