Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Can you say SLOW?!?!?

This post was supposed to be on RAKScraps website but I can't post there right now without getting booted...

Okay, RAKScraps is too slow for words! I guess our current host is not able to help us, so we are moving this week to a huge (and expensive) server! YIPPEE (about the moving part!)! I cannot wait - I know you all must be frustrated, and I am so sorry that our server decided to go bonkers and become SO SLOW for the past month.

I cannot tell you how many emails the admin have had trying to decide what to do next and how! We have been working hard at finding (1) a server that can handle the current site specs and allow for growth, (2) a web admin who has the knowledge, patience and resources to help us 24/7, and (3) a way to pay for it all, since RAKScraps is free (no membership fees, no store, etc). Well, we think we found (1) and (2), and we are hoping that the banner ads and google ads on RAKScraps will help with some of the costs (keep clicking those ads please! it helps!) as well as member donations and fundraising (thank you!). The Day Old Donuts section at Scrapdish also helps. We appreciate any help our members can give! It never occurred to me that this site would get so big so fast, and with that comes the costs of maintaining it. Hopefully we can keep it going strong and spread the word to others about the great community we have - all because of our fabulous members.

Thanks for your patience, RAKScraps members!